Macrame Halloween Bat Tutorial

Step-by-step instructions with photos 

Macrame Bat 



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For this Macrame bat you will need 12 cords around 3' each (35-36 feet total). I used 1mm waxed cotton thread -  I like how it holds item's shape. Bamboo, hemp, silk, regular cotton or poly thread will be good too (thicker the cord - bigger the Bat!).

Bat's Wings

1. Take one of the cords, double it and pin to surface.

2. Make a Frivolite knot / Lark's Head knot with one end of the cord.

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 3. Mount the second cord (make an extra loop on each side) using Lark's Head knot method.

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 4. Mount two more cords the same way.

5. Take the outmost (base) cord and direct it diagonaly under the first row. Make a row of Double Half Hitches (add couple of extra loops each time - otherwise the wing will be too short). 

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 6. At the end tie a simple overhand knot with a base and a working cord (later you will cut of the base cord).

macrame bat project

 7. Repeat the previous step two more times -you will have 3 rows of Diagonal Hitches (every time put aside the base cord and use the working cord in the next row of Hitches).

8. Cut off the base cords. You will have something like this: 

macrame bat pattern

 When creating the second wing, don't forget to make it reversed to the first one. 

Bat's Ears and Head

1. Let's start with the ears)) 

You need 2 cords for each ear. Repeat first 3 steps from the Bat's Wings section of the article. You will have this:

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 2. Take the first end and direct it right under the first row. Make on it a row of the Double Half Hitches (only 2 knots).

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3. Then one more row (one knot). You will have a triangular "bat's ear".

macrame bat tutorial

4. Make the second ear (repeat 3 previous steps). Pin them to the pillow next to each other. Criss-cross two middle cords and, using them as base threads, make rows of hitches - at first, on one side, then - on another.

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5. Then make a Square knot with four cords in the middle, and continue by making a Diamond pattern. This will be our bat's head.

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Bat's Body

1. Place together two wings and a head as pictured below:

macrame bat pattern

 2. Take a top cord from one of the wings and, using it as a base thread, make on it Double Half Hitches with 4 head's cords. 

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 3. Repeat on another side. 

macrame bat pattern 

4. Continue making Hitches, pointing the base thread to the center of the Bat’s body. Basicaly, you will repeat the pattern of the Macrame Butterfly (Body part). Don't forget to leave out the outmost cord in each row. You can see the ends of 6 base cords behind the bat's body.

macrame bat

6. Take two top cords, that you left out, direct them down, and make a Diagonal Hitch on each side of the bat's body (you can make two rows of Hitches if you wish - it will make the body slightly more pointy).


7. This is the view on underside (I pulled through all the side cords to the back):

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8. Make Square knots on the base cords in the middle (the working cords are the side cords). Cut off the extra cord, use some clear glue to secure the ends.

The finished bat - back and front view:

macrame bat underside

 macrame bat pattern

Attach (glue or sew on) bat's eyes - couple of red beads. Add a chain or a pin (the Square knots on the underside of the bat will hold a pin nicely). The spooky (but adorable!) Macrame Bat is ready!

macrame halloween bat