Macrame Christmas Tree Ornament/Wall Hanging

Step-by-step instruction and scheme

macrame christmas tree

•X - Square Knot 

•W - Wind Knot 

•R - Double Half Hitch 

•S - Spiral Braid 

•G - "Gourmand" pattern 

•C - Chain Braid 

•K - Capuchin Knot 

•F - Frivolite 

•L - Loop Knot 

•H - Chameleon Braid 

•B - "Berry" Pattern 

•P - Petals Pattern 

•J - Josephine Knot 

•A - Lark's head knot 


This can be an ornament for your real Christmas tree, or - if you make it bigger - a festive wall hanging. And as always it is pretty easy to make, even for the beginning macrame enthusiast. You only need to use 2 macramé knots for it - the Square knot and Horizontal Hitches (Double Half Hitches). 

For a small ornament (the green Christmas  tree), you will need about 10,5 yards of thread. I used acrylic yarn 2 mm thick. For the white Christmas Tree wall hanger (the picture is from the website, you need 10 times more thread, approximately 100 yards.

1. Start with three threads 1 yard long each. Double them and thread a bead in the middle. Take one of the threads, attach it to a cushion with a pin and make one and a half Square knots (three Flat knots) underneath the bead. 


2. The middle part of the ornament consists of the 1,5 Square knots in Chess pattern. Also in every row you can add beads, pulling through them working threads of two nearby knots.



3. To finish the ornament, take the edge threads and using them as base threads, make two Horizontal Hitches towards the middle of ornament.

4. To make a "stem" for your Christmas tree, tie a Berry Pattern with 4 middle threads (pic. 6-7). Cut off all extra threads, creating a fringe. 

Alternatively, you can do several rows of Horizontal Hitches, placing more beads in between them. To make the Christmas tree's "stem", use Square knots in the Chess pattern: 3 knots in the 1st row, then 2 in the 2nd row, 3 in 3rd, 2 in 4th -10 rows total, and finish with the Horizontal Hitch and fringe (see the white Christmas tree wall hanger).

5. Pull a cord through a top bead to make a loop for hanging your Christmas tree ornament/wall hanger.

christmas tree macrame

macrame christmas tree beads

Happy Holidays!!

Some images are courtesy of website