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It is absolutely amazing, but for Macrame you don't need anything except yarn or cord - and, of course, your hands and your creativity! You can anchor the threads to a couch cushion, door handle, chair's back, even your own knee! Or you can buy such useful macrame tools, like Macrame Board for Braiding, Jig Bracelet Maker etc.

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Or if you are thrifty like me, you can make your own simple Macrame cushion. It should have a hard stuffing (like a rolled up blanket), and a pillowcase with striped or checkered pattern. It will help you to make even rows of knots and center your Macrame projects. 

macrame projects

You will also occasionally need the following items while working on Macrame: scissors, pins, beads, rings and other decorative items.

macrame projects


Now let's try measuring and mounting the yarn!  


How to mount the yarn

First of all, you need to measure the length of the yarn that you will need for your work. Here is a rule (not strict, but useful) - the length of thread must be about 4 times longer than the piece you want to create. If you double your cord - the length must be 8 times more. But also the yarn length depends on design of future work (what knots are being used, how many of them) and on the thickness of the yarn (thicker cord - more length).

After you have measured the length of the yarn, you should anchor each thread to the pillow. 

Here is the most common method to do it (doubled thread makes two ends), which is called the Lark's head knot.

macrame larks head knot

Sometimes you need to anchor each thread separately. Here is how you can do it easily. This method is called the Double Half Hitch. It can be used not only for mounting, but also for creating Macrame patterns.

macrame Double Half Hitch

 macrame clove hitch knot


Here is the simplest way to mount the yarn - just fasten it with pins! This method is good, if you create a narrow Macrame item (belt, bracelet, etc). 

how to macrame

And finally, there is an example of decorative mounting of the yarn. Just tie a Double Half Hitch knot, make a loop, then tie another Double Half Hitch knot. It is the Picot knot mounting. 

macrame mounting


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