Macrame Plant Hanger

Step-by-step instruction and scheme

•X - Square Knot 

•W - Wind Knot 

•R - Double Half Hitch 

•S - Spiral Braid 

•G - "Gourmand" pattern 

•C - Chain Braid 

•K - Capuchin Knot 

•F - Frivolite 

•L - Loop Knot 

•H - Chameleon Braid 

•B - Berry Pattern 

You need 16 cords (approximately #18 - #24 size) about 3 meters (3,5 yards) long each. 

Bonnie Macrame Craft Cord 4mmX50yd, Pearl Beige - this is a great cord for making indoor/outdoor plant hanger.

1. At first, take 4 cords. Double them and in the middle part accomplish a Square Knot braid of about 10-15 knots. 

2. Make a loop from the Square Knot braid and fix the ends with a small Wind Knot. 

3. About 2 - 3 inches under the Wind Knot fix the ends of 4 cords on a plastic, wood or metal ring (d=1,2 – 2 inches) with Double Half Hitches. Also fix the rest of threads. If the ring still can be seen, make additional Double Half Hitches by sides, or just Loop Knots around the ring. 

4. Gather all cords under the ring and make one more Wind Knot. 

5. Tie 4 Spiral Braid (about 10-15 inches) with each of the 4 cords you have. 

6. Separate the 4 cords at the end of your Spiral braid into two parts. Make 2 Chain braids on those two cords, about 2 inches long. 

7. Connect two Chain braids from different Spiral Braids with the “Gourmand” pattern. 

8. Under each “Gourmand” pattern make again two Chain braids and again tie them together with the “Gourmand” patterns. It will look like the patterns are situated in the Chess order. You can repeat steps 8 and 9 until your plant pot will be braided till bottom. 

9. Collect the ends of all cords under the bottom of your plant pot and fix them with a large Wind Knot. 

10. About 5 – 10 inches under the Wind Knot make Capuchin knots on each cord. Cut off the rest of thread. Don’t worry if the ends of the cords aren't even – it will make your Macrame plant hanger only nicer. For a thicker tassel add more cords while making your Wind Knot.

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