Macrame Christmas Angel Ornament

Step-by-step instruction and scheme

With some practice it takes only couple hours to make this Christmas ornament. It makes a perfect handmade gift for your loved ones. 


For this project I used approximately 12 yards (10,5 meters) of satin cord and one bead (half of an inch in diameter). FYI, slightly moisten the silk threads to make them easier to tie.

1.Take 7 cords 1,2 yard (about 1 meter) long each. Tie a knot in a middle of each cord. Fasten the first knot on working pillow with a pin.

2.Then take other 3 cords 1,5 yards (1,2 m) long each, and mount them on the thread with the Lark's head knots, adding one extra loop on each side (pic. 1, 2).








3.Take the right end of the shorter cord and using it as a base thread make a row of Horizontal Hitches (pic. 3) right underneath the first row, working from the right to the left. 


macrame angel ornament


4. Take the second thread which has a knot and attach it under the first one slightly at an angle (pic. 4). Make two rows of the Horizontal Hitches again, then repeat with all 7 cords which has knots. At the end you will have something like the piece on pic. 5. Don't make the last row of the Horizontal Hitches yet!



5. Mark the left end of the last thread with a knot (pic.5) - we need to make sure we will not cut it off later. Now use the right end as a base thread and finish this part of work with the Clear Edge Method (start with one base thread, then two, three etc., every time cutting off extra base threads). Don't cut off the end with the knot!!




6. Make 3 Square knots on the 2-5, 6-9 and 10-13 ends (pic. 6). Continue making the 2nd row of Square knots in the Chess Pattern - use 4-7 and 8-11 ends. On the 3rd row tie one Square knot in the middle - on 6-9 ends, then make one Square knot on 2-4 ends (one base thread) and on 11-13 ends (one base thread again).




7. Take the 1st cord to the left and using it as a base thread make a row of the Diagonal Hitches with 2-7 ends. Then take the last thread to the right (the one with the knot, that we were keeping) and make a row of the Diagonal Hitches with 8-13 ends (pic.7). Intertwine the base threads.



8. Take the 6th end as a base thread and make a row of Hitches with 1-5 threads (pic. 8). Repeat making rows of Hitches, every time leaving aside a base thread from the previous row. You will create an angled "wing" like on the pic. 9. The same way make a right "wing" (base thread is 9th end, working threads are 10-14).


9. Make simple overhand knots at the end of each row of Hitches on the "wings". Then put a small amount of clear glue on each knot (do it from the back) and cut the ends off after the glue dries (pic. 10). Sometimes I use a lighter to melt the ends of the polyester or nylon threads, but be careful not to burn your creation!!))



 Now pull a bead through two central threads - this is the Angel's "head" (pic.11). 


10. Now we need to make a "halo". You can simply cut out a small round piece of artificial snow and attach it to the top of Angel's "head", or make a ring out of a golden or silver wire and pull it through the bead making it look like a crown of light, or you can create a macrame halo - like I did. 


How to macrame a "halo": 

 1) Take a cord about 1/4 yard long and attach it to a pillow (pic.12). It will be our base thread.



 2) Then using another cord (1/2 yard long) as a working thread, make 7-10 the Picot Frivolite knots (pic. 13).


 3) Tie all 4 ends together with a Square knot to create a round loop (pic. 14). Apply a small amount of clear glue on the knot and cut off the extra ends.


 4) Attach the "halo" to the central threads right above the Angel's "head". Use the Double Half Hitch or a simple overhand knot. 

 5) Tie the knot at the ends of the two central threads - and your Angel Christmas Ornament is ready. 

 As a cute decoration detail, you can attach a small ribbon bow to Angel's back (pic. 15). Looks great!




 Thanks to Galinka from Texnomagia forum for sharing the pattern and some of the images.