Macrame Plant Hanger with Beads

Step-by-step instruction and scheme

 macrame plant hanger with beads


macrame plant hanger with beads

•X - Square Knot 

•W - Wind Knot 

•R - Double Half Hitch 

•S - Spiral Braid 

•G - "Gourmand" pattern 

•C - Chain Braid 

•K - Capuchin Knot 

•F - Frivolite 

•L - Loop Knot 

•H - Chameleon Braid 

•B - "Berry" Pattern 

•P - The Square Knot with Picot 


To make this plant hanger you will need around 30-32 yards of 2-3 mm cord  (approximately #18 - #24 size), 20 beads (I used wooden 10mm beads) and a plastic, wooden or metal ring (1 – 2 inches in diameter). Choose poly cord for outdoor plant hanger, it is more weather resistant than cotton.

1. Cut 8 cords about 3,5-4 yards long each. 

2. Take 4 cords and make a Square Knots braid consisting of 10-15 Square knots in the middle section of the cords (2 base cords - 2 working cords).

macrame plant hanger with beads


macrame braid

3. Make a loop with the Square Knots braid and gather all the ends with a small Wind Knot

macrame wind knot

4. Step down about 2 - 3 inches under the Wind Knot and mount the cords on the ring, using Double Half Hitch knots

macrame plant hanger with beads

In between mount the rest 4 threads (doubled) using the Larks head knots with an extra loop on each side. 

macrame plant hanger with beads


You will have this:

macrame plant hanger

5. Gather all cords under the ring and make one more Wind Knot

macrame plant hanger with beads

6. Now you have 16 ends. Separate them all into 4 sections of 4 cords. Take one section of 4 cords and tie 7 - 10 Square Knots (2 base - 2 working cords), then pull through a bead's hole two base threads and make 2 more Square Knots. Step down couple inches and make a Square Knot again. Again run the base threads through a bead  and make a Square Knot with Picot, and then a regular Square Knot. One more time pull the base cords through a bead and make anothe Square knot. Then step down several inches and make a Square Knots braid consisting of 7 - 10 knots. You will have a pattern similiar to this:

macrame plant hanger with beads

Repeat 3 more times with each section of 4 cords.

7. Separate the 4 cords at the end of a Square Knots braids into two parts. Make 2 Chain braids on those two cords, about 2 inches long (consisting of 10-15 loop knots).

macrame braid

6. Connect two Chain braids from two opposite Square Knots Braids with the “Gourmand” pattern (1,5 Square knot), then run 2 base threads through a bead and make one more "Gourmand" pattern under the bead. 

macrame plant hanger with beads

7. Make two 2" Chain braids  and connect them with a Square Knot with Picot

macrame plant hanger with beads

8. Under the Picot knot make two more 2" Chain braids and connect them with a Gourmand knot.

macrame plant hanger with beads

9. Step down 1-2 inches (depending on a width of a pot that you are going to use) and gather all the cords with a Wind Knot

macrame wind knot

9. Tie Capuchin knots on each cord's end and cut off the extra cord. 

macrame capuchin knot

macrame plant hanger with beads

Now you have a pretty handmade Macrame Plant hanger that is sure to get lots of compliments! 

macrame plant hanger with beads


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